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I am in the face of my own personal space In the face of recognizing my own personal space and trying to legislate for my own personal space I expect The insider I expect from myself The insider that society expects from me The insider that the family expects from me And the self that I am in reality and is seen inside me


I can not hide it and this contradiction is obvious My confusion The selves I described above My confusion is real, I am real and I am who I should be, sometimes I am and sometimes I am not, and the encounter of these selves with the new age with the outside world and its connection with the world around and the age of communication.

Confusion, art ,Acrylic on Canvas, Expessionsim

The Hotel Show, Dubai World Trade Centre

Sahra Art Gallery is displaying its unique and diversified collection by various artist in The Hotel Show organised by DMG events, at Dubai World Trade Centre.


24 – 26 May 2022
11:00 – 19:00 hours 

sahrart art


- World Art Dubai , March 2022
- Ramadan Art Exhibition, April 2022
- Al Thahiyya - The Salute, May 2022

About Sahra Art Gallery

Sahra Art gallery staunches to establish a space where art and culture delimits and reaches a pinnacle. Here, we use art to add value to the walls and floors and make the surface reflects the aesthetic spirit and the taste of your home and office.

Our Services

Sahra Art Gallery aims to add aesthetics to the surrounding in terms of paintings, art prints, murals, portraits and many more. We cater to all kinds of art needs which also includes, including city beautification like painting on the buildings and street art.

Paintings - In Different Mediums & Types

- Oil Paintings
- Acylic Painting
- Pastel
- Metal Pen with Ink
- Oil on Glass
- Mixed media
- Paper Art
- Calligraphy
- Portraits

Wall painting

Wall Painting or Mural Street

- Wall Mural
- 3D Art
- Street Art
- City Beautification
- Office walls with Themes
- Wall Paintings for house , hotels ,restaurants

Shiekh Paintings

UAE - Shiekh Paintings (Original)

Artistic , Realistic and hyper realistic original portrait painting. Commission art available on request


Digital Paintings

Digital portrait painting and print of digital art on paper , canvas and velvet.

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